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Trendy vs Timeless

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

I am old enough to remember the cataclysmic shift from white kitchen appliances to the famous new statements of harvest gold, avocado green, and earthy brown. My mother outfitted our kitchen with a harvest gold refrigerator and stove. It was a bold statement at the time, especially in the days where disposable income, if there was any, wasn’t spent on anything trendy. It went well in our ranch style house where my father had paneled almost every room because he hated painting. Paneling was a one time project; it satisfied the most practical side of him and my mother’s wish to have an updated, attractive home. If we walked into an open house today, we would be horrified to see such elements and probably run screaming from the house. Fast forward to today and ask how do we know if the decorating trends and elements we find appealing today are actually our next harvest gold stove? Well, the quick answer is we don’t and almost all elements of style have a temporary shelf life. Many styles return in cycles from the shelves throughout our lifetime.

Today, we see gray walls, exposed light fixtures, and cold stone surfaces everywhere we look. Even looking at my own house, which I only built six years ago, I find elements of style I would change. I think the answer is some things are meant to change, satisfying a small part of our need for personal change and growth. The problem is the investment in these materials is too much to afford changing at whim. My solution in part is to watch the trends before you invest. If you have the luxury of taking your time, follow things you like and see how long they last and how long they still appeal to you. When you finally make a choice, invest in what you love but use classics as a reference. Draw your circle of comfort from a traditional or classic center, and only as far as you feel comfortable. Mix modes so some trendy is balanced with classic. You don’t have to make a statement with every light fixture or wall or counter. Choose your adventurous spots selectively so they still seem adventurous in the future, and not the entire feel of your home. Ask opinions but only go with your own gut. And if you decide you really want that harvest gold stove, buy the GE version, not a professional Viking for now. Or, just paint a wall avocado green; paint can always be changed with a bucket and a brush.

Crystal Drop Lighting Fixture 1952 and 2019

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