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Cabinet Hardware: The Jewelry of the Home

You have put on your finest attire, coiffed your hair, and shined your shoes. You are ready for a night out, to present yourself to the world. Ah, but you realize you are forgetting something --- a little jewelry, a bit of bling, or an heirloom set of cufflinks. These are the final touches that make you unique. You want these adornments to be noticed but probably not be glaring. The same can be said for the hardware you choose in your home, whether it is cabinet knobs, door handles, or even faucets. These are the final touches for your home presentation. You know your underwear is solid and your coat is warm, but don’t neglect these accoutrements, especially in prevalent spaces like your kitchen. You can go to Lowes and buy a box of ten knobs for $10, or you can make it a more personal touch. It might be worth spending a few more dollars to get a particular piece or the finish that speaks to you. What kind of style do you secretly enjoy? Would you like to add a statement to some simple, classic cabinets? Do you want to show a more artistic side to your choice? Well, here is your opportunity to be flashy or eclectic or classic or match an architectural genre or beautifully simple.

I view hardware as the jewelry of a space, the icing on the cake. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but one that makes you smile. Big box hardware stores have a reasonable collection, but searching online for visual ideas is limitless. There are also local stores that specialize in hardware, if you are more of a hands on shopper. There are some guidelines to remember. For cabinet hardware, keep in mind the scale of the drawer/door. Make sure the scale of the hardware looks well suited to the cabinet. Oversized hardware can add a modern twist. If the drawer has an inset panel, make sure the hardware allows enough space for your hand to comfortably grab the handle. If the holes are already drilled, be sure to get the right size handle! Be wary of kitchen hardware with too much detail, unless you enjoy cleaning food stuck in small spaces. Typically, knobs go on cabinet doors and pulls go on drawers, but there is no strict rule. You can match the hardware finish to lighting, faucets, or appliances in the area, or go rogue. Some people prefer the same hardware and/or finish in the entire space. Yet, having oil rubbed bronze door handles throughout the house does not mean you can’t do polished nickel for kitchen or bath cabinet doors. Different finishes in different rooms just means more styles of jewelry to enjoy.

There are seemingly endless options to consider when choosing. Just remember to think about getting ready for that soiree and adding that last bit of personal bling for a splendid night out!

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